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Anansi Boys (Manuscript pages): Anansi Boys (UK 2005), Anansi Boys (UK Ottakar's Hardcover 2005); Notebooks
Anansi Boys Book Outline ("God Is Dead. Meet The Kids."): Notebooks
Anansi Boys Film Excerpt: Notebooks
Babylon 5: Day Of The Dead: Day Of The Dead
Beowulf: Beowulf: The Script Book
Black Orchid (Production notes and script excerpts): Black Orchid The Deluxe Edition
Books Of Magic (Scene draft): The Books Of Magic Collection The Deluxe Edition
Coraline (Manuscript pages): Coraline (US 2002 Diamond Edition), Coraline: A Visual Companion, Sketch #14
Coraline Film by Henry Selick excerpt: Coraline (US 2008 Movie Collector's Edition)
Doctor Who: Doctor's Wife (Deleted Scene): Doctor Who: The Brilliant Book 2012
Doctor Who: Nightmare In Silver (Prelude): Doctor Who: The Doctor's Lives And Times
Fragile Things Introduction: Notebooks
Magic Shop: Smoke And Mirrors
Marvel 1602 Part One: Marvel 1602 Collection
Miracleman Book Four: A Prayer And A Hope: Panel One: Comic Book Scripts By Top Writers
Mirrormask Movie: MirrorMask Scriptbook (all editions)
Murder Mysteries Radio Play Script: Murder Mysteries
The Neverwhere Files (various script process items): Neverwhere (Author's Preferred Text US Limited Edition)
Ocean At The End Of The Lane (Manuscript pages): The Ocean At The End Of The Lane (Headline Exclusive 2013)
Sandman: Calliope: Sandman Book III: Dream Country , Sandman T-Shirt (McKean Morpheus), Writers On Comics Scriptwriting (Excerpt)
Sandman: Endless Nights: Death And Venice (Excerpt): The Art Of P. Craig Russell
Sandman: Endless Nights: The Heart Of A Star: Absolute Sandman V.5
Sandman: Endless Nights Introduction: Notebooks
Sandman: The Kindly Ones Part One (Full): Absolute Sandman V.4
Sandman: The Kindly Ones Part One (Excerpt): The DC Guide To Writing Comics, The Sandman Companion, The Sandman: King Of Dreams
Sandman: The Kindly Ones 'The Story So Far' (Manuscript Pages): The Sandman: King Of Dreams
Sandman: A Midsummer's Night Dream: Absolute Sandman V.1; Sandman: A Midsummer Night's Dream Script
Sandman: Over The Sea To Sky (Excerpt): Sonhos, Palavras E Imagens
Sandman: A Parliament Of Rooks (Excerpt): Hanging Out With The Dream King
Sandman: Ramadan: Absolute Sandman V.3
Sandman: Season Of Mists Chapter Two: Absolute Sandman V.2
Sandman: Season Of Mists Part Five (Excerpt): Fear #30
Sandman: The Sound Of Her Wings: Absolute Death
Sandman: The Tempest: Absolute Sandman V.4
Sandman: The Wake Part One: Fiddler's Green: A Sandman Convention Book
A Screenplay (Good Omens movie draft): A Screenplay
Snow Glass Apples Radio Play Script: Snow Glass Apples
Stardust (Manuscript pages): Sketch #14
Stardust (Film) by Jane Goldman and Matthew Vaughn: Stardust: The Visual Companion
Untitled: What's Your Story: What's Your Story? The Postcard Collection
Wordsworth: Hellbound Hearts