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This site aims to record Neil Gaiman's published works as thoroughly as possible.

Dark Horse has released a new edition of Violent Cases. Neil Gaiman sent out a call on his twitter account looking for owners of the original art to let Dark Horse rescan the art. Unfortunately, only two people responded, and as you may have guessed, I was one of them. Above is a detail from page 38. When McKean originally made the art, the paper he used was distressed on the bottom (in my head, by a piece of tape that would have held the paper rolled up on the trip home from the art supply store, but that's pure guess work). Despite this blemish, he drew over it and it's been fairly visible in every edition until now, where it's been darkened a bit. Below is a comparison of the original art on top of the new edition.

April 19: After catching up with my to-add pile, I did a bunch of research, looking for things I didn't have. A bunch of things are coming in the mail now; here's the first batch of additions: Paranormal/Coraline 2-pack (Bluray up, DVD coming still), The Road To En-Dor, Elric The Balance Lost Collection, new UK paperback of Ocean At The End Of The Lane
April 13: Added Sandman Overture #2 (Alternate cover scans coming soon), World Fantasy Convention 2013, Headline Exclusive Audi oBook of Ocean At The End Of The Lane. I'm now caught up with the items I have in hand. I seem to have lost some research I did in December, so I'm re-researching a few items I don't yet have in hand so I can add them in.
April 7: Added Sandman Omnibus Silver edition, Fortunately The Milk CD, All Hallow's Read Print
April 5: Added DrWho Revisited series, Neverwhere radio play, Selected Shorts: Behaving Badly, Lovecraft's Monsters, Ocean at the end of the lane chapbook, 2012 Mononke DVD release, The Hogben Chronicles, Stardust/Spiderwick BluRay 2-pack, Unnatural Creatures UK Paperback, Good Omens new hardcover, new UK paperback editions of American Gods, Stardust, Smoke And Mirrors
April 3: Added It Was A Dark And Silly Night DVD, Ocean At The End Of The Lane US audio book, Guild Megaset, DrWho The Day Of The Doctor US and UK DVD and BluRay editions. Free time is up again, more to follow.
April 2: After many months: updates. No holidays, no family in town, no pressing housework. Some of the items that need adding have been waiting in my house for, oh, three quarters of a year. Ok, here we go: The Goldfish Pool Print, Violent Cases 2013 photo added, Fortunately The Milk Foyles Edition, Dr.Who complete series 1-7 US and UK BluRay sets, Cabinet Of Curiosities, Grand Theft Art Companion paperback, Chu's Day UK Paperback, new UK paperback covers for Anansi Boys, Fragile Things, Neverwhere. Time ran out, will put up more soon (*crosses fingers*)
February 1: Added Sandman Omnibus V.2. Added scans for Psycho-Mania, DrWho 11 Doctors 11 Stories, Sandman Overture Special Edition.
January 29: Added Peace (missed something in 2012, whoops!). Added scans for DrWho series 7 UK Bluray and DVD sets
January 25 2014: Added The Complete Uncle, Shadows Of The New Sun, Beloved Demons. Back in December, I started adding some files but got sidetracked and didn't get around to scanning: Added without scans Sandman Overture #1 special edition, DrWho series 7 UK editions, DrWho 11 Doctors 11 Stories, Psycho-Mania!, Violent Cases reissue. Plenty of other items to work in yet. Ugh.
December 11: When not buried in Christmas duties, I've been working on a Neil biblio for a side project. In researching it, I've found a few things I've missed putting up here, and of course I've been too busy to add in the things on the growing pile (like that new DrWho short story Neil wrote!)... Hopefully life will ease up soon so I can dig my hands in this website again.

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If you know of any items not listed here please contact me at SaveUsCoraline at gmail dot com. I've had a few emails recently asking me to add links to different sites or online postings of Neil's work. While I appreciate the thought, I do not maintain a links section on this site.