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This site aims to record Neil Gaiman's published works as thoroughly as possible.

Christmas, two kid birthdays, two fender benders, an anniversary, a dead computer, taxes and four months later I'm ready to start updating again! There have been many people to write or edit books about Neil Gaiman. In 2012, Tara Prescott put out Feminism In The Worlds Of Neil Gaiman, co-edited with Aaron Drucker. Now, in 2015, she has put out Neil Gaiman In The 21st Century, making her the first person to gives us multiple volumes about Neil.

October 25: Added Unidentified Funny Objects 4, Best American Science Fiction And Fantasy 2015, Best New Horror V.25
October 11: Added Ghostly, Trigger Warning US hardcover, image for Hansel and Gretel regular US edition, Realms - the art of Diterlizzi (no image yet), UK Hansel and Gretel, Concrete Island, Zen Pencils, TMBG Flood limited LP, Vampire The Masquerade pomo booklet, Variety 12/9/14
September 6: Added photos for The Bed Song Book, Mr.Punch 2014 reprint, Hansel And Gretel deluxe, Smoke and Mirrors anthology regular and slipcased editions, Smoke and Mirrors short story collection Subterranean both slipcased and lettered editions, A Mountain Walked, Annotated Sandman V.3, Graphic Ink, Libretto V.1, replaced Oyster image, DrWho: The Matt Smith Years
August 16: Added Mammoth book of best new horror 25, 12 Doctors 12 Stories and 12 Doctors 12 Stories 12 Postcards, Silver Dream US Paperback, The Spirit: A Celebration of 75 Years, UK and US Eternity's Wheel hardcovers, BP Portrait Award 2015. Updated Last Temptation 20th anniversary standard edition, Hogben Chronicles other editions covers, Comicon 2013 booklet cover.
July 20: Added The Rats. So impossibly behind in updates now, not even funny.
June 7: Finished entering missing Sandman Overture info: Issue 3, 4, 5 all up with pictures and all covers currently released
April 19: Fixed coding err in Vampire: The Masquerade slipcase. Added Shadow Show #2. Added images for All-Star Future Shocks, Murder Mysteries 2nd edition, Graveyard Book Comic adaptation V2, Last Temptation 20th Anniversary edition - both versions, Sleeper And The Spindle UK Hardcover, Information doesn't want to be free, A slip of the keyboard, Jay And Silent Bob's Super Groovy Movie DVD and Blu, DrWho Series 6 UK reissue DVD and Blu, Series 7 UK reissue DVD, Talib Kweli: Gravitas CD, Truth Is A Cave CD, Audiobook Cafe CD, Chu's Day CD, Best New Horror V.6, Trout Fishing In America, and Rogues
April 18: Added Mermaids, Adventures Of 2 Girls. Added image for Dream States
April 12: Discovered A Calendar Of Tales link didn't work (made note to fix later). Added Trigger Warning UK Limited signed edition, Modern Mythmakers, Who Is Magic Babe Ning. Added images to Sandman Overture #3a-d
April 11: Updated Mr.Punch with image of UK edition at last. Added Sandman Overture #4b, 4d, The Silver Dream Subterranean edition, Fantasy For Good. Added images to Behind The Story Of The Graveyard Book, Fortunately The Milk US Paperback
April 4: Added Sandman Overture #4a, NG In The 21st Century
March 22 2015: Added Interworld Subterranean 2014 edition
November 16: Added still without images Dream States, Comic-Con 2013 Souvenir Book, Essentials Of Public Speaking, Art Of Gaiman regular UK Hardcover, Graveyard Book 2014 paperback, Fortunately The Milk US Paperback, Chu's Day audio book, Audiobook Cafe, Truth Is A Cave CD, DrWho 6th series us BluRay reissue, DrWho 6th and 7th series uk dvd reissues, Better Things dvd, Graphic Novel Man dvd
November 13: Added without images Talib Kweli CD, the backwardsly named new reprint of MrPunch, Behind the story of the Graveyard Book
November 11: Added without images Jay And Silent Bob's Super Groovy Movie DVD and BluRay, Hansel & Gretel regular edition, Rest of Sandman Overture #3 editions, All-Star Future Shocks, Guardian Weekend 9.8.14, Libretto V1, Best Horror V6, Art Of Neil signed edition, updated UPC on Last Temptation cassette, Trout Fishing In America
November 9: Added without images yet DrWho The Complete Matt Smith Years, Last Temptation 20th Anniversary edition, Information Doesn't Want To Be Free, updated A Slip Of The Keyboard, Murder Mysteries second edition, Rogues, A Mountain Walked, The Bed Song book
November 2: Added without images yet Smoke And Mirrors Subterranean edition, Sleeper And The Spindle UK hardcover, Hansel And Gretel Deluxe Hardcover
October 26: Added without images yet Annotated Sandman V.3, Graveyard Book Comic Adaptation V.2, Sandman Overture #3 Williams cover, Wayward Manor on USB, Sandman Overture Special Edition #3
September 21: Added Sandman Overture special edition #2
September 20: Added Sandman Overture #1 Sketch cover and second print.
September 16: Added Oxcrimes
September 14: Added Chu's Day Board Book. Added image for Disalmanac.
September 3: Added images for Zombies: More Recent Dead, Futuredaze 2, Fortunately The Milk UK Paperback, Graveyard Book Comic V.1, Silver Dream UK Paperback, Ocean At The End Of The Lane US paperback, Year's Best Dark Fantasy 2014, The Moth, Gothic Fairy Tale In YA Lit, Votan, Quotable DrWho.
August 17-31: In adding The Art Of Neil Gaiman, a few previously unnamed items were updated with official names. For example, the comic 'Dear Rick' is now 'The Body Inspector'. Added (quickly with no images) Graphic Ink, Fearie Tales, Chu's First Day Of/At School Hardcovers, Chu's Day Scholastic edition, Truth Is A Cave In The Black Mountains, A Slip Of The Keyboard, Zombies: More Recent Dead, Futuredaze 2, Fortunately The Milk UK Paperback, Graveyard Book Comic V.1, Silver Dream UK Paperback, Ocean At The End Of The Lane US paperback, Year's Best Dark Fantasy 2014, The Moth, Gothic Fairy Tale In YA Lit, Votan, Quotable DrWho. Updated Smoke And Mirrors anthology, Oyster #104. Tons more still to add!
June 14: Added Chu's First Day Of/At School (scan from ARC), It Always Seems Impossible Until It's Done, The Grateful Table, Networking In Person And Online, updated Readercon 11 and Boskone 32
May 19: Added Oyster #104 (temporary photo), Best SciFi and Fantasy of the Year V.8

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